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Read some reviews from happy clients

I was a chartered Physio for many years before joining Liz's Pilates class and have been impressed with her knowledge and her safe use of exercises. I always feel better after attending a class both mentally and physically!

J. Liew

Since joining Liz's class I have found it helps not only my posture, strength and stamina, it helps my technique at the gym which reduces risk of injury. I look forward to the class all day as it is great for slowing down a busy brain and relaxation. I strongly recommend Liz's classes the instructions are clear and easy to follow, with adaptations for all levels/requirements.

J. Greenaway

I came to Liz Cobley's Pilates class to gain more balance in my body, increase my strength and connection with my spine and body, and tone!

I first began with one-to-one sessions with Liz and then joined group classes once I felt more confident in the moves. I noticed my spine and pelvis became stronger, my thighs became more defined and some of the 'stagnation' of my circulation became more fluid and my feet felt less swollen at the end of the day.

Liz takes the time to use strength and dynamic movements to engage the body and involves opening moves to release muscle tension to prevent strain of the spine/body. I recommend Liz's classes to my patients too, mindful movements are really beneficial for keeping them well.

Thank you, Liz, for your support, see you on the mat!

N.M. (Chiropracter)

I thoroughly recommend Liz's classes, I feel I was benefited both physically and mentally. My posture, core strength and balance has improved so much, I feel great! Liz is such a lovely person and friendly instructor, throughout the class breaks down each movement step by step and addresses any postural adjustments. Liz offers adaptations for different abilities or for anyone with injuries. I had never done Pilates before joining this class and would encourage people to try it.

F. Wooding

I have been coming to Liz's sessions for 3 years after suffering a slipped disc. Pilates has strengthened my whole body and I no longer suffer with back pain. The classes are a chance for a bit of 'me' time and Liz is a great instructor.

K. Lawyer-Smith

Liz's kindness and skill as a teacher/leader enables her to provide a mindful and comprehensive pilates class in a non competitive environment. I have now been coming for over 2 years and feel so much better for it, I have a lot more flexibility and core strength.

N. Kennelly

I was recommended to join a pilates class as part of my recovery following a serious accident. I joined one of Liz's taster sessions and was hooked. Apart from the physical benefits, I find that the sessions relax my mind and make me focus on myself for a while. Liz creates exactly the right balance of challenge and relaxation.

K. Thurlow

I have been looking for a Pilates class to improve my core strength, balance and posture and to help combat my lower back and shoulder pain from sporting injuries in my younger years! Liz is highly experienced, encouraging and is able to give advice to both beginners and the more experienced Pilates goers. Within a few weeks my core strength and balance has improved, my back is feeling stronger and in such a relatively short time. There is always a friendly atmosphere and I have met a great bunch of new people. I can't recommend the classes enough, thank you Liz.

A. Calder

My husband and I have been doing Pilates with Liz for over 5 years that says a-lot! Pilates was the start of our journey to better health and it has made such a difference. Better balance, feeling in tune with your body, improved strength and tone - there are so many benefits. We certainly miss it and notice the difference when we come back to Pilates after a holiday.

Liz is a great teacher. She is mindful about giving the whole class options for exercises, and adaptations to make it more challenging if we want to.

We would highly recommend Pilates with Liz.

S. Delbridge

Going to Liz's classes where among my loveliest times in Devon thank you for all you did for me your lovely warm welcomes understanding advice and support. You are a very special person who brings joy to so many. I hope to find a Pilates class similar in Ireland.


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