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Why Pilates

Health benefits of Pilates

There are many reasons to do pilates (the most common benefits are) increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks, which are your 'core muscles' having a strong ‘Core’ will reduce the risk of injury, enhance your lifestyle and support your daily activities. Pilates creates balanced muscular strength on both sides of your body, enhanced muscular control of your back and limbs, improved stabilisation of your spine and corrects posture – helping to reverse the affects of time spent slouching.

Many Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors recommend Pilates as a safe method of exercising. The techniques are non aerobic and low impact, you gain lasting results without putting strain on the heart and joints. Pilates also increases bone density which will reduce the risk of osteoporosis - where bones become weak and may break easily from a fall or accident.

Longevity of life... 

Pilates is the perfect combination of Balance, strength and flexibility, keeping you lean and supple. Having a flexible spine means your joints have a greater range of motion. A good posture helps slow the ageing process, standing tall, strong arms and legs, flat belly and graceful controlled movements together make for a youthful appearance. 

"Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness"


Pilates makes you happier

Pilates gets the breath and circulation moving, stimulates the spine and muscles, and floods the body with endorphins - the good feelings one gets from exercising the whole body. Pilates lets you concentrate your attention on one thing – your body.

Performing pilates requires full concentration on co-ordination and form, clearing your mind of any distractions. Staying focused instead of letting your mind wander else where will leave you feeling happy and calm at the end of every class.

Another reason to love pilates...

It can support a better sex life. Like all exercise (and great sex) it requires the body to experience optimum oxygen flow, during a PIlates session we instinctivy find a rhythm whilst incorporating the breath, this ignites the senses, hugely improves stamina and endurance.

Also Pilates strengthens the legs while lengthening tight hamstrings and adductors, and will make you stronger all over, which is always a boon for sexy time. 

"Pilates is the complete coordination of mind, body and spirit. Pilates is a mind-body exercise system that teaches you to use your mind to control your body"


Why Koi fish?

The Koi Fish is internationally recognised as a symbol of wordly aspiration. In Japan it means good luck and good fortune, love and friendship, they also associate it with 'perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose'.


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